lead with purpose

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) , are the well documented characteristics of market conditions that are creating an ever shifting landscape for today’s business leaders to navigate.

The demand this VUCA world creates may be distinct from previous generations but the response requires the same time-honoured principles of authentic leadership: a deep sense of purpose, a genuine spirit of contribution and the creative resources to continuously adapt, transform and grow.

Grounded in psychology (Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Depth Psychology) and neuroscience as well as in-depth research in the field, our leadership practice has supported the development of over 10,000 leaders around the world.

“Your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome.”

The Tao of Leadership
Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching

Introducing the leadership archetypes
Rather than narrowing your focus, our research shows that you grow to be an effective leader by widening your repertoire: nurturing innovation, driving operational excellence and empowering others to act. To be able to develop your leadership in this way requires a commitment to an inner journey of self discovery as well as the outer journey of making your vision a reality.

Through our extensive research with over 2000 leaders from around the world, we have identified distinct patterns of leadership behaviours. We have categorised these into 9 overarching leadership characteristics, called The Leadership Archetypes.

The Leadership Archetypes act as a powerful lens for individual leaders as well as for leadership teams to gain the necessary insight into your current behaviours so that, moving forward, you can define the leadership mindsets, competencies and behaviours that will enable you to best realise your vision and values. As a practical model, The Leadership Archetypes enable you to define clear ‘next steps’ in your leadership development.

What if you could lead like a river, effectively navigating different terrains, overcoming the obstacles you face, growing in strength and determination so that you are effectively feeding the land around you?

We coach experienced leaders as they transition into different roles, phases and environments. For example, our Senior Leadership Coaches work with many of the world’s leading Chief Executives to stay true to their vision and values as they navigate complex scenarios. We also work with high-potential emerging leaders, to develop the competencies required to lead your business. For example, we have designed and delivered many global ‘action-learning’ based programmes for organisations including adidas Group, Capgemini, Spotify and Westfield. We do this across three domains: leading self, leading others and leading business:

Leading Self
• Define your personal values and purpose
• Define your authentic leadership style
• Widen your repertoire of leadership competencies
• Develop your emotional intelligence
• Define your contribution to the wider world

Leading Other
• Empower others to act
• Work effectively through conflict
• Develop high-performing teams
• Lead cultural change and transformation
• Lead values-driven practices and behaviours

Leading Business
• Define your organisation’s vision, mission and values
• Formulate strategy
• Drive operational excellence
• Optimise customer satisfaction
• Contribute to the wider community

Whether working with established or emerging leaders, we believe in igniting your innate creativity as the source of your authentic self expression, resourcefulness and growth.

Cultivating a group of individuals into a high performing team, responsible for achieving the shared vision of the organisation, is critical to business success. As research shows, for any team to perform at its best, you must be aligned on vision and values. For leadership teams in particular, you must be able to draw upon your collective creativity to effectively navigate through increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Guided by your shared values, we help your leadership team to identify both the enablers and the blockers to high performance. Working through the real-time, real-world challenges that you face, we coach your team to collaborate and use your own creative resources to overcome obstacles, rapidly adapt to new conditions, innovate and grow. When this happens, not only does your team effectively lead the business but also your leaders become inspiring role models for your employees.