grow your people

We believe your people, at their best, enable your organisation to succeed. It’s your people and their applied creativity that drives your organisations high performance and growth.  That’s why, at artgym, we offer services in many areas of people development, helping you to define, identify and develop your talent, to develop your new and experienced managers and to enhance your teams’ performance – all crucial to your business’s success.

Our approach to development brings together your real business challenges with the innate creativity of your people. We call this ‘real world creative learning’. It’s an approach which has been described by our clients as ‘the most empowering, relevant and practical way to learn in today’s world’. Whether we’re delivering a three hour ‘skills gym’ or a 12 month learning programme, our approach guarantees your learnings are shared, practised and applied for real, immediate and on-going personal and business impact.

“artgym brings the newest thinking in the market and works collaboratively with us to find solutions that perfectly fit our culture. They are one of the rare agencies that truly partner with us. I feel listened to, inspired to think creatively, challenge conventions and strive for excellence and as a result we have experienced great success.”

Sonia Thorel, L&D, adidas group

Having the right talent in your business and unleashing its full potential makes all the difference to you achieving your vision and strategy – and to maintaining your competitive edge. Yet, to fully unleash this potential, not only is working directly with your talented employees essential, so too is crafting the right environment for them to learn and grow. From our experience, it’s a systemic organisation wide approach as well as a focus on individuals personally that allows the right talent to grow and contribute their best to the business.

We support you in defining the talent profile that best fits your business needs. From this, we collaborate with you to design the accelerated learning environment where talent can be effectively developed at the speed your business requires. From our experience, the most effective learning environments are those that support a blend of the right education, exposure to different stakeholders and the real-life experiences of working cross-roles, cross-functions and cross-geographies.

When it comes to developing high potential individuals, we work with you to identify these individuals and accelerate their growth and performance by using a variety of methods, including development centres, accelerated learning programmes, ‘action-learning’ based business challenges, as well as ‘on-the-job’ learning experiences supported through coaching and mentoring.

With rapid advances in technology, businesses becoming much leaner and offshoring and outsourcing now common place, managers of today face quite a challenge. They are often required to work across different countries with teams in multiple locations and with many stakeholders. It’s an increasingly complex and high pressured environment where understanding the needs of team members, suppliers, clients and consumers are key.

That’s why, whether your managers are first time people managers or experienced managers facing new challenges, we work with you to enable their transition and growth. Our extensive research has helped us to identify the core competencies and skills needed at different stages of your managers’ journey to help them thrive.

Our team of experienced facilitators and coaches have worked with organisations all over the world, including the adidas group, BBC, Capgemini, Spotify and Westfield, to design and deliver innovative learning programmes. For adidas, we’ve developed more than 500 of their first time and experienced people managers globally. Described as ‘highly relevant, energetic, motivating and soul searching’ our programmes put the real world of the adidas manager at the heart of their learning journey.


With live learning events, real world learning activities, virtual learning, peer coaching and intensive feedback, we made sure their managers, many of them Generation Y, experienced collaborative learning, gained deep self-awareness and applied their learnings for quick, tangible and sustainable results.

What stands successful high performing businesses apart from their less successful counterparts is team performance. As the African proverb tells us;

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

For your team to ‘go far’ and perform at its optimum, you must hold your shared vision and values at your core. Our research also shows that teams who care about and nurture relationships, who have clear goals and well defined roles, and who continuously strive to make improvements, significantly outperform those that don’t.

Is your team newly formed, merging with another team, seeking to resolve conflicts, suffering from underperformance or looking to go from good to great?  Our team coaches will work with you to provide the most relevant and impactful intervention for your situation. We’ve enabled teams all over the world be the best that they can be – helping them achieve their goals and peak performance.

“The entire team development programme designed for us by artgym has been incredibly effective. Really creative and impactful. It definitely got our team established and up to speed – working together in a very fun, innovative and practical way. It has had very tangible results for the CS team, our business (it’s a big milestone for us) and, most importantly, our customers globally”

Head of Customer Services, UK & Sweden, Spotify

Our Skills Gyms are not to be missed. If you want to experience a highly engaging, creative, and practical workout which will help you learn new skills and find solutions to your challenges, look no further. Our Skills Gyms operate like a ‘pop-up’ workout, coming into your working environment and focusing on the real world, real-time challenges that you face.

Always with your specific needs at the core, our dynamic ½ day or 1 day workouts will unleash the creativity of you and your colleagues, get you practising new tools and techniques and achieving great results.