Artgym Academy Workouts

People exercise their bodies, so why not exercise your creativity? And just like a muscle, the more you exercise, the better it gets. The Artgym Workouts are designed to help you put the full power of your creativity to work on specific aspects of your personal and professional life.

Working with your personal Artgym Coach, in these highly engaging three-step workouts you are guided through a series of practical and effective tools to unleash your creativity and create the specific outcome you desire.


Here are our top 10 workouts:

1. Express Yourself
2. Ignite Your Creativity
3. Enrich Your Life Through Nature
4. Let Go of Worry
5. Make a Change in Your Life
6. Create Your Personal Brand
7. Create a Vision for Your Career
8. Craft Your Unique Leadership Style
9. Change Your Career
10. Do Work That Matters

How does a Workout Work?

Spread over the course of 3 weeks, there are 3 steps to each workout.

Week 1/Step 1: The Warm Up
You will receive an introduction pack from your Artgym Coach containing content related to the topic you’ve chosen to work on that will inspire you and start to stimulate your thinking.

Week 2/Step 2: The Workout
You will have a 90 minute virtual one-to-one with an Artgym Coach to get to the heart of what you want to achieve and guide you step by step through a set of exercises specifically tailored to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Week 3/ Step 3: The follow-up
Your Artgym Coach will send you exercises for you to practice and apply all you’ve learnt. After all, the more your practice, the bigger the difference you will see in your career.


All Artgym Coaches are experienced practitioners, fully certified in Artgym’s methodology. Your Artgym Coach will work closely with you to ensure the process fits exactly with your specific needs so that you get the outcome that will make a difference in your career.


Please contact to further information.