Career Coaching

Are you ready to create the career you’ve always dreamt about?

Are you willing to take stock of where you are, explore your hopes and aspirations and craft a future that matters to you?

Is it time for you to create a future where you are fully self-expressed and flourishing in a career that matters to you


Working one-to-one with your Artgym Career Coach, together you will embark on a journey of exploration, discovery and concrete action planning. Over the course of the coaching, you and your Coach will build a strong relationship where you will be supported and stretched to be the best that you can be.

“Career coaching gave me the self-confidence and structure I needed to get out of the cul-de-sac I was in professionally, and take some big decisions that have really paid off for me.”

-Jonathan Kavanagh. U.K.


How does the one-to-one Career Coaching Programme Work?

The Artgym Career Coaching Programme includes six 90-minute one-to-one coaching sessions with your Artgm Coach. This is supported by powerful exercises, inspiring content and email and phone support throughout your journey.

Before you jump in, your personal Career Coach will work closely with you to ensure the coaching programme fits exactly with your specific needs so that you get the outcome that will make a difference for you.

During the programme, your Coach can help you explore who you are; uncover what your ‘career playing field’ is; and craft the vision for your future. For example:

Exploring Who You Are
You will explore what you love, what you’re good at and what is most important to you. You will learn and practice how to be more self-expressed and how to focus on the type of work that matters most to you.

Uncovering Your ‘Playing Field’
Your playing field is the ‘stage’ or the fertile ground in which lies the possibilities and opportunities for your growth. You will look forward and outward with your Coach to discover the unlimited, bigger game version of what is possible in your career.

Crafting Your Vision
You will imagine and create a powerful vision for your career. Drawing on your own inner resourcefulness, you will define the actions needed for you to start to make that vision your reality. A reality where you are making your biggest contribution to the world.

If the time feels right and you would like to find out more, please contact for further information or to book an initial discovery call with one of our Coaches.