Art Therapy

What if your creativity could act as a spotlight to the farthest reaches of your mind?

For the explorer in each of us, Art Therapy is an in-depth psychological process that combines the rigour of psychotherapy with the power of the creative process to enable you to explore those big existential questions:

Who am I?

What patterns drive the way I think, feel and behave?

How can I overcome the barriers to living an authentic and meaningful life?


“Everyone is creative in their own way, it’s like a river that runs deep in all of us. By accessing this deep reservoir of potential, you create a connection to your imagination, self expression and inner resourcefulness that can have a significant impact on your experience of being alive”.

-Eugene Hughes, artgym Chief Executive.

Art Therapy enables you to use the power of your own creativity to understand yourself and others better so that so that you can make the choices that matter in your life. Moving beyond words, Art Therapy enables you to explore and understand the more complex aspects of your conscious and unconscious mind. By unlocking these, new possibilities are revealed, providing you with a chance to make more conscious choices in your life.


Combining talking therapy with a range of other techniques such as image making, dreams and body movement, Art Therapy draws upon your creativity to explore your past, present and future self in depth.

Ultimately Art Therapy aims to enrich your experience of being alive, with outcomes that include heightened self-awareness, improved relationships, overcoming difficult thoughts and emotions, better self-image and increased confidence.

Art Therapy sessions are conducted on a one-to-one weekly basis, over a 12, 24 or 48 week period. All our Art Psychotherapist are highly experienced and regulated by UK Council of Psychotherapist, Health Care Professions Council, Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education and/or British Association of Art Therapists.


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