the leadership archetypes

your guides to becoming the leader you truly want to be

The 9 Leadership Archetypes act as guides for individuals and teams in their journey of self-awareness, self-expression and self-realisation as leaders. Together, the 9 Leadership Archetypes offer a comprehensive system for leaders to widen the repertoire of competencies required to realise their ambitions.

The 9 Leadership Archetypes were conceived by Leadership Coach Eugene Hughes, based on his observations and insights whilst working with 2000 leaders, over a 10-year period across genders, geographies, cultures and industry sectors. The 9 Leadership Archetypes represent the dominant, dormant and desired personality characteristics and traits populating contemporary leadership.


The 9 Leadership Archetypes act as a mirror to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which in turn offer you the insight required to make the appropriate choices in becoming the leader you truly desire to be. Rather than offering an idealized image of leadership that dictates how you ‘should lead’, the Leadership Archetypes methodology encourages you to find your own authentic self-expression and draw upon your own resourcefulness to adapt and grow.

“Alongside the journey of every leader is the invitation to an inner journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. In fact, it’s an invitation open to everyone, if they choose to hear it. Only by accepting this dual path, can the leader’s contribution to the world be wholesome, compassionate and potent.”

Eugene Hughes