artgym is an award winning organisation that specialises in applied creativity for individuals, organisations and communities. At artgym, we believe that every human being is innately creative.

Through artgym at work, artgym academy and artgym in the community, we help individuals, organisations and communities apply this innate creativity in their lives. By doing this, artgym aims to be a catalyst for authentic self-expression, resourcefulness and growth, enabling people to realise their full potential.

As the Roberts Review noted, creativity will become key to young people achieving economic well-being in adult life. According to IBM’s most recent global CEO study, the majority of CEO’s believe the key to navigating today’s volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex business environments is creativity. More importantly, the whole history of humanity chronicles the pivotal role creativity has played in our well-being and development. With this ever-growing complexity of contemporary life, we believe that more than ever, applied creativity is key to the art of living.

With our HQ in London, UK, and teams members based Europe, Australia, Asia and the US we work with clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

Meet our team

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